Fashion ComPassion is a socially responsible fashion company that merges high-end design with ethical production practices. Fashion ComPassion works with brands that employ marginalized communities and skilled artisans from all over the world, who work under the direct tutelage of some of the finest designers. The company provides a global platform for these artisans.

“Ayesha’s resourcefulness and marketing expertise not only helped to establish Beshtar in an international market, but she helped us open many more doors in the UAE and beyond. Starting from a professional agreement between two businesses, our relationship has developed into a strong and personal bond.”
Carole Laugier Naim – Found and Director, Beshtar

The mission is to bring positive change through fashion by changing the status quo and showcase affordable ethical fashion in the mainstream market to a global audience.

Ayesha believes that everyone involved in the supply chain should be treated and compensated fairly. Fashion ComPassion does everything it can to help the producers involved to sell successfully, and that involves working with them to create bespoke solutions to their needs. The more the business grows, the more reach and social impact it can make and the more lives it can improve.

Each of Fashion ComPassion’s producers operates sustainably with a transparent supply chain. The company has developed Sustainability Stamps which use a simple system to show the credentials of the products so that customers can easily choose products for their ethics and learn more about what constitutes those factors.

“I believe that positive change takes place even with the smallest initiative and Fashion ComPassion is my way of giving back to others and make a difference.”

Ayesha with FC's best sellers

Ayesha with FC’s best sellers

FC's Social Impact

FC’s Social Impact

Palestyle Glam Clutch

Palestyle Glam Clutch

Artisan from Emi & Eve

Artisan from Emi & Eve